Proud to be a nasty woman: Julia Louis-Dreyfus brutal joke at Democratic National Convention

22.08.2020 02:36

Proud to be a nasty woman: Julia Louis-Dreyfus brutal joke at Democratic National Convention

In a series of jabs at the President and his VP, the actor called Mr Trump a “cheater”, adding, “I’m proud to be a nasty, nasty woman”. The actor was referencing the President’s habit of calling women who criticise him “nasty”.

Each day of the convention has been hosted by a different actor. Today it‘s Louis-Dreyfus, who of course plays Vice President Selina Meyer in TV show Veep.

This makes her an appropriate choice, at least insofar as it‘s possible for an actor to be an appropriate choice to be the host of a serious political event.

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.@OfficialJLD 'fesses up: "Look, I admit that was a little nasty. But we all know he's a cheater. And I'm proud to be a nasty, nasty woman." #DNC2020— Mother Jones (@MotherJones) August 21, 2020

She did a little comedic gag with former presidential candidate Andrew Yang as he threw to her.

“So what did you think about Kamala Harris‘s speech last night?” she asked him.

“It was tremendous! I was so happy for her,” Mr Yang said.

“I know, me too, she was fabulous. I cannot wait for her to debate our current vice president, Mika Pince. Or is it Paints?” said Dreyfus.

“It‘s pronounced Ponts, I believe,” said Mr Yang.

“Oh. Some kind of weird foreign name?” said Dreyfus.

“Yeah, not very American sounding,” said Mr Yang.

“Yeah, that‘s what people are saying. Strongly,” she replied.

Objectively speaking, the bit itself was pretty asinine. But Dreyfus was doing it in her Selina Meyer voice, so I practically p*ssed myself anyway.

The laughs kept coming as Dreyfus dismissed Mr Yang and welcomed viewers to night four.

“These last few nights have been going so well, we‘ve decided to add a fifth night, where we will just play Michelle Obama’s speech on a loop,” she quipped.

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Louis-Dreyfus took shots at Mike Pence and Donald Trump on August 20, 2020 from the final night online broadcast of the DNC. Picture: AFP

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“I first met Joe Biden when I was doing my show Veep. I played the vice president, and he was in fact the vice president. And we hit it off immediately.

“Soon after, I was asked to be on the cover of a magazine – remember those? – and I was so excited. I was like, ‘What’s it gonna be. People? Vogue? Rolling Stone?’ Well, it turns out it was for Arrive, the official on-board magazine of Amtrak. Which nobody ever reads, even though it’s free.

“The day it came out, my phone rang. And it was the vice president, telling me he loved the cover and the whole article, and that it was one of the best issues of Arrive he had ever read.

“And that is just one of the many reasons I wanted to be here tonight for Joe. And to remind you that Joe Biden not only knows how to read, but also, he reads everything.”